The Seamstress.Edit

A dark serpent like creature. Hides in the shadows. Master of stealth and its best weapon is fear. It sneaks up behind you and its tail, which has 2's body on it starts to flash its eyes at you and hypnotise you. Once the victim is

in a trance like state the seamstress will appear and its hood will open up, revealing a disturbing cracked baby doll face with scary eyes. It will sew up the victims body and drag it down to the dark cold depths and bring the victim

to the fabrication machine. Sometimes is sews up the victims mouth. (Just to shut you up) 1 got captured by the Seamstress but was saved by 9. 7 cut off the tail and 5 shot the seamstress in one eye with a harpoon. But 7 also got

captured. 9 saved her again by crushing The Seamstress through two large cogs. Anyway...This creature is the most vile creature ever.So quit out of this page and pay attention to the Seamstress in your closet!!!


1. Dont panic.

2.If you see a weird tail thing with a person on the end...RUN!

3.Dont look in the eyes! The flashing blue light will hypno you!

4. If you get sewn up, try to bite through the threads.

5.If you are in its trance...WAKE UP!!!!

6.If you can't wake up...your dead meat anyway.....